Best of June 2013

Hey Ho everyone!

I hope you are having a great day! 🙂 Today, I am FINALLY getting around to blog about my Sentosa vacation during the June holidays. One very obvious evidence that I am incredily lazy at updating my blog is that July is coming to an end and I am still talking about June. Can we please take a moment to award the trophy of “Laziest and Slowest blogger” to me please? I even got a question on my asking when I’m going to update my blog! One of the things that took me so long to write this blog entry is the title, which I have decided to call it “Best of June 2013”. I wanted a title that is special because this whole Sentosa vacation is definitely one of my most precious memories and I want to show that. Also, school has long started and tests are starting to come in. Sometimes I feel like the world we are living in is a madhouse. In fact, today I just had my Math test that was worth 15% which I’m pretty sure I screwed up pretty badly, but I’m just glad it’s over!

Enough of rambling! I am the last of my friends who have a blog to blog about this vacation and that really shows my inefficiency hahahaha. You can read their entries here:

Sentosa, Singapore (24 June to 26 June)

Summer time of our June 2013

If you haven’t already known, one of the highlights of my June holidays was my mini stay-cation in Sentosa with my group of my friends called iputmycliquewithme along with Chloe and Chloris ‘s family. It was something that I looked forward to and up till now, I still wished I was stuck in the moment 😦 We spent 3 days and 2 nights in Sentosa at The Sentosa Singapore A Beaufort Hotel. I didn’t manage to get a picture of the whole room because we were too busy settling down and the room got messy, hahaha.



Luxurious bath tub that we never got to use because there were so many people, oops. I’m sorry for the horrible quality 😦





This hotel is the first hotel I’ve stayed at that provides shampoo AND conditioner, instead of just conditioning shampoo which is simply not enough to remove the tangles in my hair! Sigh, #girlproblems.







Introducing to you Chloe and Chloris ‘s grandma, which is probably the swaggiest grandma ever.



Best friends. ♡ (P.S. I hate Damien, aka the photobomb.)



On the first day, we planned to go to Sentosa Adventure Cove, which very unfortunately was closed due to the haze 😦 So we had lunch at VivoCity and got Starbucks! I decided to try their newest drink, Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino, and it was the best Starbucks I’ve had. ♡



(↑ Taken from my Instagram @heyitshuizhu_ )

Afterwards, we just spent the rest of the day at the pool and the gym.

On the second day, we went to Universal Studios Singapore! Prior to that, Chloe, Chloris and I designed some shirts for us to wear at USS! So we were walking around USS like a gang of oranges, hehe.





(This is basically a mandatory picture when you go to USS, haha. Image credits to Chloe)

We decided to buy the Universal Express tickets which costed $30 more but I think it’s very worth it! We got to take many rides within a very short time, not forgetting feeling like a boss when you pass through the long line of people queueing, hahahaha. However, you can only use the express queue once for each ride which make it a little too pricey.

I was very excited to take the Battlestar Galactic Human VS Cylon because the previous time I went to USS it was under maintenance 😦 I went on the Human ride once, and Cylon twice, consecutively! I definitely crossed those two out from my bucket list 🙂




(Picture credits: )

Nicholas (One of my good friend from iputmycliquewithme) and Nelson (Chloe and Chloris’s cousin from Taiwan!) climbing the rock wall in Ancient Egypt!



One of my favourite pictures from this trip: ♡



This time round I willed myself not to close my eyes during the Revenge of the Mummy ride and I actually really liked the ride! Look at our hilarious expressions hahahaha:



My lunch – Chicken Rice! It was pretty yummy but a little on the costly side because afterall, it’s USS.



I bought a laptop bag from Hollywood in USS for my MacBook! 🙂 (As mentioned in my previous blog post, I love all things Hollywood ♡)



The award “Best Actress of the Year” is hereby awarded to Miss Chloe Yu. (It’s okay if your eyes are closed, I still love you anyway ♡)



My favourite zone of USS is Far Far Away because I am just so in love with the beautiful castle! It makes me feel like a little princess, hahaha oops but I guess we all have our little kiddy side 🙂 However, I wished they had more rides in the castle because the Shrek 4D show can get pretty boring after you’ve watched it a few times! To me, USS is a place where fairytales and imagination comes alive. ♡

On the third day, we went swimming in the morning but it started raining so our plans to go to the beach afterwards were ruined 😦 So we went to watch Monsters University! I think the biggest takeaway for me from the movie is that everyone is different, but unique. ♡

download (1)


And that brings me to the end of my trip. I had a lot of fun during the three days and I really hope that I’ll get to experience something like that again soon 🙂 Without Chloe and Chloris’s mum, this amazing experience would not have been possible so I’d like to say thank you for everything that you’ve done for us, and I still feel bad that you had to spend so much on us. Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves very very much, I’m sure! If Chloe/Chloris is reading this, you can show this to your mum, hahaha.

Phew, I’ve finally completed this very very long blog entry and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did reminiscing about my vacation! If it isn’t too late :p, comment below the thing that you enjoyed most during your holiday! ♡

Till next time, xoxo.



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